2021 April

During 2021, hospitals were able to come up with creative ways to show their appreciation for their volunteers during National Volunteer Appreciation Week.


Black River Memorial Hospital - 


In lieu of the normal luncheon, Volunteer Services at Black RiverMemorial found a new way to celebrate. Cindy Clark, Director River Memorial Hospital's Volunteer Services Director, wrote in her email notifying the volunteers of the changes:

"Many volunteers have still been working, either from home or limited areas of the hospital. Your time and efforts are very much appreciated, and you have earned

an award! Your Volunteer Services staff misses you and we want to see your smiling face when you get a special goody bag and award prize."


HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital, Eau Claire - 


Although it was a cold spring day, the volunteers who did attend enjoyed the friendship and conversation.  Each volunteer of the Hospital received a "goodie" bag in recognition of their volunteering.