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Master List of Partners Resource Center Materials

Advocacy/Public Policy 


Community Health Education




Fundraisers​ - See the Fundraisers Resources page


Gift Shop​s - See the Gift Shop Resources page


Leadership and Orientation

  • Confidential Personal Profile                  Word     PDF

  • Leadership Questionnaire                      Word     PDF

  • Letter to Leader Prospects                     Word     PDF

  • Cover Letter to District Chair                  Word     PDF

  • Mentor/Mentee Guidelines                     Word     PDF

  • Mentor List                                                           PDF

  • Mentor Experience                                 Word     PDF

  • Mentor Contact History Worksheet        Word     PDF


Parliamentary Procedure/Bylaws



  • Most healthcare organizations will provide a speaker on any health topic

  • Most Universities and Colleges have speaker bureaus

  • The County Extension Services have speaker resources


Strategic Planning



  • Communicating with Compassion Book/DVD

  • History of the Partners Resource Center​​


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