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COVID-19: Masks and Vaccination​

Recent changes with the CDC guidelines regarding vaccination for COVID-19 and mask wearing have now provided individuals
further guidance in exercising more freedom in our daily lives while continuing to stay safe. Here are some links to the CDC
with the latest guidelines in mask wearing and being vaccinated (or not)



Here you will find a printable chart, “Choosing Safer Activities”, showing a comparison of fully vaccinated vs unvaccinated
people and safest activities to prevent COVID-19 exposure and spread. (
This information in a PDF.)

Drug Take Back Day - April 24, 2021

Even with all the disruption caused by the pandemic, it is still important to clean out unneeded and expired medications from medicine cabinets. They can cause clutter and confusion for the resident and can be removed by those who would abuse them. The Drug Enforcement Administration is sponsoring a Drug Take Back Day on April 24, 2021. To find more information and a location near you, go to  https://takebackday.dea.gov/.

COVID Long Haulers

Most people who fall ill to COVID-19 recover quickly and without any long-lasting health issues. There is, however, about 10% of individuals who experience COVID-19 having symptoms lasting several weeks or months even though they test negative. These individuals are referred to as “long-haulers”.  (MORE.....)

Infectious Disease Resources

To help you with research and a good understanding of Infectious Disease, here are two “tools” you can use to create an Infectious Disease toolkit or include in a reference folder/binder.

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COVID 19 and Stress


The COVID-19 outbreak has compounded an already existing mental health crisis in our country due to stress, affecting individuals of all ages and walks of life. (PDF)