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Inventory and Sales - Inventory

  • Your inventory must remain fresh and up to date.

  • You must know your customers needs and interests.

  • This will build customer confidence and interest.

  • If it is selling fast, respond to it immediately.

  • Reorders are the bread and butter of a successful gift shop. 

  • Sales merchandise should be placed at the back of the shop.

  • Be sure old merchandise does not accumulate in your stockroom.

  • The "rent" an item pays accumulates each day it sits on the shelf. Before long the cost of carrying that item is greater than its value.

  • Slow moving merchandise slows down the shops overall turn rate.

  • A dead item on your shelf has a return rate of 0.


Designed to Sell: Large or Small , a pdf of a PowerPoint presentation


Gift Shows

Market Square Shows, Alliant Energy Center, Madison, WI  

The Dells Show, Ho-Chunk Casino

The Iowa Show, Urbandale, IA (Des Moines Area)

Minneapolis Mart and Gift Shows, Minnetonka, MN

Vendors (some will sell to your shop and some will set up a display/sale in your institution)

  • CancerGirl, LLC

  • Exclusive Inspirations

  • Geneva Distributing

  • Gold House Enterprises, LLC

  • Gerson Company

  • HCI Fund-Raising

  • Jewelry Designs by Judy

  • Lionne Designs

  • PRN Uniforms

  • The Nutman

  • VI.A

Arline Taylor selling goods from the Kiosk at River Falls Area Hospital.

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